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Apple Stock Dips After New iPhone 15 Launch

Apple Stock Fell 1.2% After New iPhone Launch
But Analysts Remain Bullish

Analysts have mixed reactions to the new iPhone lineup. 
The iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at $1,199, a $100 increase from the previous generation.

Analyst Reaction

Some believe that the price increases will hurt sales, while others believe that the new features will be enough to entice consumers to upgrade.

Despite the dip in stock price, analysts remain bullish on Apple's long-term prospects.

They point to the company's strong cash flow, healthy balance sheet, and growing services business.

Long Term

One analyst said that the new iPhone lineup is "still the best on the market" and that "Apple is well-positioned to weather the current economic storm."

Apple stock fell 1.2% on Thursday after the company unveiled its new iPhone lineup.

Apple Stock Fell

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